Are You Looking for Renovations Langley? How to Prepare for a Home Renovations!

You’ve found a great contractor, you’ve arranged the schedule, and now you’re ready to get the ball rolling on that renovation project. Planning for a home renovation is an exciting, albeit busy time. So, before anyone with a hammer even comes near your home, you’ll want to add a few things to your checklist first. Are you looking for renovations Langley? Make sure you have all these bases covered.

During the home renovations cover up your stuff

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No matter how big or small, home renovations create dust. So, you’ll want to up your dusting game during the remodeling process. For those bigger pieces of furniture that are tough to move, cover them up with sheets to protect them from particle build up. Also, using zip closures and runners on the floor will go a long way to helping with dust control.   


Store your belongings

Don’t wait until the last minute to store your items. New products will be coming into your home, plus contractors will need plenty of space to properly complete your renovation project. Pack up as much of your stuff as possible and store them out of the way of the home remodeling project. If you can, move larger items like furniture into the garage or another room to free up more space for the contractors.

Empty your shelves to prep for your home reno

During the prepping process, it can be easy to overlook your shelves and walls. Hammering and drilling cause vibrations—tremours that can trigger items to fall. Make sure to empty your shelves and remove frames and mirrors from the walls. The last thing you want is to break any heirlooms or ruin precious photos.  

Create a makeshift kitchen during renos

Crucial tip: If you’re planning on staying home throughout the renovation process, you’re going to need a place of refuge—especially if your kitchen is getting remodeled. Choose a room in your house that won’t be affected by the project and fill it up with all the essentials, including the microwave, cooler, toaster, and coffeemaker. Having a standby kitchen ready will make everybody’s life a whole lot easier during your home renovation.

Prepare yourself and your family for a remodeled home

Now that your home is ready for home renovations, you’ll also want to do a little family prep work. If you have kids, let them know that a remodelling team will be in your home. To help with the adjustments, you can set up a retreat for you, your family, and your pets in another part of the house where the contractors won’t be. 3D construction is the experienced home reno company that specializes in:


Planning for home renovations now will save you a lot of hassles and headaches later. With a little prep work and 3D Construction, you’ll have that beautiful Langley home you’ve been dreaming about in no time.   

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