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As the owner of a Langley home renovation company, I have been working full-time in the construction industry for almost 30 years, and have been self-employed for the last ten. We specialize in :

After getting a start in the family business (always a great place to start), several opportunities opened up when my dad retired. I worked on various types of projects and also stepped into project management on several occasions handling mostly renovations. It was during these successful stints “running the show” that I decided to start my own business.

Ever since, 3D Construction has remained busy and focused on residential, multi-family as well as commercial projects. Our projects range from single bathroom renovations to kitchens and large scale tenant improvements. As a General Contractor, I have the experience to tackle every detail and keep your building project moving forward on time and on budget.

I specialize in the details that often get left until the last moment. From the design drawings all the way through to securing building and electrical permits, our goal is to streamline the entire building process so you can rest easy.

While some general contractors prefer to stay in their office, I am very “hands on” – you’ll usually find me on the job-site discussing details with tradespeople. Often, clients are encouraged to drop by so I can keep them informed of progress and they can see first-hand how all the pieces of their project fit together in real-time.

I can look after all aspects of your construction project from concrete and CMU (concrete masonry units) to drywall, flooring, carpentry and interior finishing. We work with a team of experienced pros in electrical, plumbing and the other sub-trades.

– Damon, CEO of 3D Construction

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